How to Grill the Perfect Steak

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If you are a grill master or a grill dud, here are a few hints to making a great steak.

The first thing we recommend is buying a quality steak when possible. Another thing to try is to marinate the steak first in Italian dressing or something similar for at least 30 minutes before grilling. Next, we recommend when grilling at home is to bring your steak to room temperature before cooking, if your steak is refrigerated, you should bring it out 15 to 20 minutes before grilling.

While your meat is warming up, warm up your grill. We recommend a hot grill at least 400 degrees. Once your grill is hot, make sure you season the grill with a piece of fat or vegetable oil. This will help your steak from sticking to the grill or picking up left over flavor from the last time you used it. Place your meat on the grill, and lightly butter the meat and season it. Don’t be dainty with your seasoning, make it stick. We like a combination of salt, pepper, garlic and hickory or mesquite seasoning to add a little smokey flavor to your meat. You should season your meat even if you marinated it. Try to pick seasoning that accentuates your marinade.

Once the meat is grilling don’t mess with it, you should only turn your meat once. If you like grill marks on your meat, half way through cooking per side rotate your meat one quarter turn. If you touch your meat, press it or turn it repeatedly, it will not cook evenly and you will lose the flavorful juice in it.

The toughest part is trying to figure out when your steak is done. We do our steaks by touch, we gently press the meat with tongs or a spatula, we do not recommend a fork because you will pierce the meat. The firmer the meat feels, the more done it is. We recommend for a normal thickness on a steak (1-2 inches) to grill on each side for at least 3 minutes. A thicker steak will take longer, if you are cooking a baseball cut of meat (3 or more inches) your steak will take at least 15 to 20 minutes to cook.

Once your steak is done, take it off the grill. Do not use the grill to keep your meat warm; your steak will continue to cook and dry out, even at a low temperature. The best thing to do is to pull it off the grill, let it rest for a minute or two(not to long, a cold steak is not good) and eat. If you do have to hold the meat, we recommend gently wrapping it in aluminum foil and keep it away from any heat source. Good luck, we hope these tips helped. Happy grilling! aussie slots free

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